What Is a Cloud Server?

What Is a Cloud Server
What Is a Cloud Server? Compared to using shared or even dedicated servers, using cloud servers comes with a lot of advantages.

While the way that cloud servers work is very similar to physical servers, the way the two function are vastly different.

Opting for the cloud servers means that the client is renting a virtual space on a server instead of renting or owning an actual physical server. The rate is normally charged per hour, the exact price depends on the needed capacity at a given time.

What Is a Cloud Server vs Traditional Servers

First, we look at the two most common choices for traditional hosting: dedicated hosting and shared hosting, and their differences.

Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

Cloud Hosting



Allotted resources can be increased or decreased automatically whenever it’s required. Perfect for clients, especially enterprises, that expect spikes in resource consumption at certain times.


Pay-as-you-go payment method means clients only need to pay for the resources they use at a certain time. If the demand for resources go down, the allocated resources will automatically decrease. This means that clients don’t pay for resources they don’t use.


There are numerous cloud servers, each one serving as the failsafe to the others. If one server goes down, any other servers can do the work in its place, ensuring that any small-scale failures will not result in any adverse effects.

What Is a Cloud Server?

Cloud Hosting is the future of the Internet! If you demand rigorous up times, and fast loading websites, if your business model requires your hosting be scalable at a moment’s notice, the Cloud is your solution!


The Cloud is faster than regular web hosting; if you require speed, get it TODAY!


Your company is growing! But most hosts are not scalable, the Cloud Is!


Reliability is not something that can be downplayed; You sleep well with the Cloud.

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