Why Invest In a Hybrid Cloud?

hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud is a cloud service that integrates the best features of both public as well as private clouds in order to provide the best of both worlds. Hybrid clouds are much more versatile, giving the clients the ability to perform different functions even within a single organization.

Services related to cloud computing offer varying degrees of efficiency, depending on the needs of the client. Services that utilize the public cloud model tend to be much more cost efficient as well as scalable, while those that utilize the private cloud model are much more secure.

With the hybrid cloud set-up, an enterprise can ensure the maximum efficiency by using the public cloud for any non-sensitive operations and at the same time, using the private cloud for anything important and sensitive.

This allows the client to have a seamlessly integrated platform that has the capabilities of both public as well as private clouds for specific tasks, which will keep the costs down.


There are several ways to implement a hybrid cloud, including the following:

Another possible example is a financial business using an Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS] package that utilizes a hybrid cloud.

The sensitive data of their clients can be hosted in the private cloud to ensure their safety, while project collaborations where multiple people work on a single document are hosted in the public cloud, where they can easily be accessed by several users regardless of the geographical situation.



Hybrid clouds get the best of both the public and the private cloud models, so its scalability is comparable to that of public cloud models.

Public clouds offer a much higher level of scalability compared to private clouds due to the fact that the resources are pulled from a pool of computing resources of a large cloud infrastructure. However, public clouds are less secure compared to private clouds.

Private clouds are more secure but offers a lower level of scalability that is affected by several factors such as whether the server is hosted externally or internally.

With hybrid clouds, an enterprise gains the ability to utilize the high scalability of public clouds while sensitive information is all stored on the private cloud for higher security.

Cost Efficient

Just like with the scalability, public clouds are also more cost efficient compared to private clouds due to how it makes use of economies of scale.

This feature is also present on hybrid clouds, where they can store non-sensitive data on the cost-efficient public cloud while keeping all the important information secure in a private cloud.


While all the non-sensitive data are kept in the public cloud, all the sensitive and more important data are all kept in the private cloud which is much safer. Despite this, hybrid clouds still retain the ability to act as storage for large amounts of data by utilizing its public cloud aspect.


Its ability to make good use of both the security of private clouds as well as the scalability and cost efficiency of public clouds gives the clients further opportunities for exploring the different set-ups in order to find the most suitable one.

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