Why You Should Use Private Cloud Hosting

private cloud hosting

Cloud computing provides many benefits for companies, but as we all get caught up with the latest technologies, it’s quite easy to get lost and assume differently with their capacities and capabilities. An organization must understand that they need to make crucial decisions regarding its use.

One of these decisions includes the type of cloud to use, Public or Private. While many opt to use the more popular, public cloud servers, more organizations prefer to use private clouds.

What Does Cloud Computing Mean?

Cloud Computing is the use of a network of online computers or remote servers to act as storage and to manage and process data online remotely. The cloud is where the storing and accessing of data occurs. The Cloud takes the place of your usual hard drive.

What Is The Difference Between a Public Cloud and Private Cloud Hosting?

Public Cloud is a type of cloud computing wherein many servers are interconnected, and you only pay for the resources that you use. It’s capable of handling multiple users, and each server acts as back-up of another.

Therefore it is more reliable, and there are no downtimes. The downside is that the same server (physical) hosts different and multiple organizations which lessen its reliability and security.

A private Cloud is also a type of cloud computing, but instead of multiple organizations, one company does the hosting. A single dedicated virtual server hosts only one company or organization. Since it is private, the company can adjust the server according to its requirements. Private cloud is more flexible, cost-efficient, and secured that the Public Cloud.

Benefits of a Private Cloud

There are many benefits that organizations can gain when using Private cloud namely:

Flexibility allows the users to run many applications and systems on a single physical server. If the required resources are lacking, the resources of the private virtual server will be adjusted accordingly.

Private Cloud Hosting provides a lot of potential and possibilities. You’ll have the option to create, adjust, relocate, and delete any virtual data in any server.

The flexibility and additional resources of Private Cloud Hosting can help companies have more reliability in terms of the performance of their website and applications online. It also comes with a reduced cost compared to the public cloud environment.

Though public cloud service is the more expensive option, a study by 451 Research suggests that there are some hidden charges for public clouds and that 41% of IT managers find private clouds to be more cost-efficient that public cloud services. 24% of IT managers who use private clouds had 10% less cost compared to that of the public cloud server.

Security is also one of the factors that have people thinking twice about public cloud servers. There is a question on safety because many companies are hosted together in a similar server.

According to research made by Ixia (Security Vendor), 90% of companies are concerned towards the security of data and applications in the Public Cloud because of the hosting of multiple companies on one server.

In terms of security advantages, the Private Cloud is a wise choice as long as there is an excellent anti-virus as well as firewall protection implemented to make it more secure.

The Private Cloud is retrieved through safe and protected private network links. Public Clouds, on the other hand, is less reliable because of the use of standard Internet connection (public web).

Security features of the Private Cloud are one of the more popular reasons why organizations prefer Private over the Public Cloud.

Private Clouds helps in the compliance regulation to the HIPAA and the PCI regulations which boosts its popularity. A separate server for Private Cloud is provided to improve recovery time in case of DDoS attacks and hacking and to ensure reliability. GoCloudBased can provide 100% assurances for all Private Cloud with regards to Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Organizations whose on-premise systems and are migrating towards the Private Cloud find it easier to transfer workloads. The higher the efficient and effective migration is, the lower the cost of Private Clouds compared to that of Public Clouds.

Why Would You Need Private Cloud Hosting?

Private Clouds provide a faster way of compliance with regulations. As an example, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) requires that a citizen’s health information is electronically protected, remain confidential, retain integrity, and is available to the citizen anytime.

HIPAA’s security & privacy defenses were improved and mandated by the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health). HITECH certified GoCloudBased and can assure that the Private Cloud completes the standards set by HIPAA in terms of privacy and security.

Organizations with consistent and predictable resource requirements should use Private Cloud because they can take advantage of this flexibility similar to that of Public Cloud.

Many organizations use their local servers and hardware. Switching to a Private Cloud gives them the flexibility to change (increase/decrease) the resources they use. Private cloud dramatically improves performance and speed especially when an application is full of resources.

It costs less than Public Servers because the user can skip buying more resources on the Public Cloud and instead, use the web resources where some servers are under-utilized.

There has been an ongoing debate on which type of Cloud Hosting to choose. Should it be a Private Cloud or Public Cloud? The decision could be based on several factors. The main reason why people and organizations choose Private Cloud Hosting is because of the level of security it offers.

Aside from the secure firewall, the data and resources kept by the organization are not shared on the same server as other organizations’. This unshared option is what usually draws organizations towards Private Cloud Hosting.

The major downside is that the organization itself holds the operations, management, and maintenance of the servers. The infrastructure is limited, and upgrades would cost a lot.

In conclusion, organizations should bear in mind the benefits of doing business on Private Cloud Hosting. They should evaluate essential factors such as Flexibility, Safety, Data Security, Compliance, and cost. Also, it should take into consideration the capacity and what type of Cloud Computing is best suitable for their business.

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